A Strategic Partnership for the Development of VET training on Smart Meters for Construction Site Managers

The COSMET Objectives

  1. Develop appropriate learning outcomes and modular course to address power, gas, and water smart metering skills needs.
  2. Introduce modern training methods in the form of OERs and MOOC.
  3. Facilitate mutual recognition of the developed learning outcomes across EU.


  • Evidence-based learning outcomes in comprehensive skills for site managers to supervise the commission, installation, maintenance of smart meters in construction sites.
  • VET learning units for a corresponding modular course.
  • VET guidelines for the integration of the developed learning outcomes into existing programmes.
  • Pedagogical resources and assessment tools offered as OERs.
  • A COSMET Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).
  • Framework for the recognition of the developed learning outcomes towards a "smart metering for site managers" EU qualification.
  • A registry of EU qualifications on smart metering technologies.
  • Two demonstration workshops (LT and DE) to promote results and validate learning materials.

Target Groups


Construction site managers or those learners aspiring to work as site managers. The project aspires to reach at least 8,000 site managers through the dissemination efforts of project partners.

VET Providers

Training centres across Europe. The aim is to reach at least 390 VET providers that offer courses related to site management in the partnership countries

Sectoral associations and networks, social partners and businesses:

Such associations and networks are expected to provide access to 500 members of the sector, and 20,000 businesses are expected to be reached

Policy makers:

Policy-makers include the EU-28 Ministries of Education, National Qualifications Agencies, National Coordination Points, local/regional/national career guidance bodies, and the members EQF Advisory Group members. The project will reach at least 100 individuals with key positions in the aforementioned bodies

COSMET is co-funded by the Community program as part of the ERASMUS+ 2015. Key Action 2:Strategic Partnerships in VET.

The information provided, reflects the views only of the author, while the European Union and the ERASMUS +Programme cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made.