A Strategic Partnership for the Development of VET training on Smart Meters for Construction Site Managers

Activities & Methodology


  1. Development of learning outcomes, based on evidence collected from VET providers, field experts and the construction industry via original desk and field research on skills requirements, leading to specific definitions of knowledge, skills and competences following ECVET.
  2. Development of a modular course and VET guidelines for the integration of the COSMET modules in current and future training programmes.
  3. Involvement of public authorities for the future certification and accreditation of the COSMET curricula, through the development and promotion of a support statement and action plan.
  4. Sharing and validation of outputs with multiplier events, inviting target groups to test and uptake COSMET results acting as further disseminators.


COSMET is co-funded by the Community program as part of the ERASMUS+ 2015. Key Action 2:Strategic Partnerships in VET.

The information provided, reflects the views only of the author, while the European Union and the ERASMUS +Programme cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made.