A Strategic Partnership for the Development of VET training on Smart Meters for Construction Site Managers

COSMET Project ends

Due to the closure of the project’s coordinator, SummitSkills, in March 2017, the COSMET project ended in January 2017, almost one year early. However, the partners completed much of the work and have made the outputs available on this website under the ‘Project Outputs’ heading.

The outputs consist of:

• A report on the evidence-based learning outcomes
• A document listing the learning units
• Training resources consisting of
o Powerpoint presentations
o Case studies
o Exercises
o Frequently-asked questions
o Multiple-choice questions
o Learner handbook (draft – English only)

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has been created from these materials also available through the ‘Training resources’ sub-heading.

COSMET is co-funded by the Community program as part of the ERASMUS+ 2015. Key Action 2:Strategic Partnerships in VET.

The information provided, reflects the views only of the author, while the European Union and the ERASMUS +Programme cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made.